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I am MARCUS TATHAM SARALLI, MANAGING DIRECTOR of M T S Heating & Plumbing. At a personal level, I have more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry and have specialized in installations of boilers as well as repair works related to boiler breakdowns. I have exceptional knowledge in handling all makes and models of boilers. With the honest and reliable services I render, I have earned the trust and confidence of hordes of customers.

My reputation and the reputation of my company are very important to me and hence, I always strive to ensure that my customers are happy and are kept fully informed of all the tasks we carry out.

Being a family man myself, I am fully aware of the importance of having a warm and energy-efficient home. That is one of the reasons I ensure that my boiler installations and the repairs I carry out for rectifying boiler breakdowns are flawless. My repeat customers and the wonderful reviews they give about my services are a testimony to the great services I render.

Experience and Qualifications

I ensure every engineer working for MTS keeps abreast of the current UK regulations. With an aim to keep our engineers updated of the latest innovations and technologies, I make sure to impart periodical training in them. Being the person helming the company, I believe in being a role model for my engineers. That is why I am also fully trained and have extensive experience in all the areas of plumbing and gas work. This is what gives me the confidence to assure every customer of our best services.

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  • Years of experience

    We have been rendering our services to our customers for the past several years. Our workmanship is of the highest quality.

  • Pricing

    Customers who have been opting for our services do not hesitate to vouch for the reasonable prices we charge for the best services we render.

  • Quality of services

    Our technicians have the best experience and expertise in the industry and hence, you will get services of the best quality that you can never expect to have anywhere else or from any other service provider.

  • Service Guarantee

    We confidently assert that our services are of guaranteed quality because we have the experience, personnel, and resources for rendering the best services and for making the projects we take up run smoothly. Further, we ensure to complete our jobs on time as well.

  • Immaculate Customer Service

    We plan our work carefully and ensure to work the plan meticulously and this means that we will never deviate from the work schedules that we agree and set up with our customers. At the same time, we keep in constant touch with our customers by communicating with them on a regular basis and throughout the schedules so we can ensure to get their needs fulfilled perfectly.


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How do we fare better than our competitors?


Our handymen are not only experienced professionals but they possess the necessary certification for handling all the tasks related to heating and plumbing.

Best prices

We do not boast that our prices are the cheapest. But at the same time, we assure that our customers need not spend a fortune for having our services. In other words, our high-quality services come at the most reasonable prices.

24/7 Support

We have put in a place a system using which customers can contact us at any time of the day. Even if they face issues during the middle of the night, they need not hesitate to call us. We will ensure to attend to the issues and resolve them as speedily as possible.